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About Bill Coton

It’s good to have you here, I hope you find what you are looking for, I know it can be frustrating when you are trying to get information on a subject you are interested in, a lot of my searches have left me frustrated.


Back in 2009 I had a mini stroke, I spent a short time in hospital to be honest I requested to be let home as I was not getting any sleep at night, there was an older patient who would get up at night and wander round the ward, his wandering about didn’t bother me but his urinating anywhere he wanted did.

Between 2009 and 2016 not much happened, I was told that if I did not suffer from a massive stroke within the next six months it probably would not happen, just before my birthday in May 2016 when I got out of bed the left side of my face felt numb and I had a tingling sensation down my left arm and sharp pains in my chest.

An ambulance was called for and after a few hours in A&E I was sent home, after that I had ever possible tests conducted on my heart, I had scans on my head and at the end of it I was told my heart was fine and that I had not suffered another mini stroke, I was discharged from the outpatients and told that I probably had a migraine.

I was working at the time and found that I was having similar attacks frequently, it was mainly pains in the chest and a funny feeling in my head, sometimes it was quite scary and I would feel as if it was my last day on earth.

Latter in 2016 I gave up the job I was doing because I was getting the attack so frequent that I might let the company I was working for down, you see I was a self-employed driver the job entailed delivering cars or vans, sometimes you got work and sometimes you did not, but if I did not turn up someone could have had that job.

Not a look I liked

Not a look I like in 2016

Here we are in 2018 and I am soon to be 66, I have been to the doctors more times in the last two years than I have the rest of my life, and all I get told is try these pills, I am very disappointed that none of the doctors I have seen never sat me down and asked questions about my eating habits, do I sleep alright am I getting enough exercise.

So I decided to take things into my own hands, I started running last year, I followed the Joe Wicks eating plan and started to lose weight, but when I started running races I started to put weight back on, this was down to what they call carb loading.

Getting Better

Getting Better in 2017

While watching a television program about weight loss, I saw a diet plan were they gave the person on it belly pork as part of his meal, I thought if you could eat that kind of thing and lose weight that diet was for me, in the program the person lost the most weight out of six people and was the only one who said he would stick to it, and would recommend it to others.

After a bit of investigating I discovered that the diet was the called Banting Diet, I had never heard of it before and wanted to know if I could run on this diet, because it is a Low Carb High Fat diet and I was following what other runners were saying about carb loading.

My research led me to professor Tim Knoakes whose area of expertise is in sports science, and he is a runner who has competed in ultra marathons and he competed while on the Banting Diet, after reading about the prof and watching a lot of his videos I decided I was going to give this diet a go.

On The Banting Diet

Finally 2018

I have now been on the diet for 3 months, I now weigh less than I have for the last 20 years, I wish I could say that I don’t get the attacks, I do but they are less frequent I have gone from feeling ill 5 days a week to feeling ill maybe twice a month (watch this space), I sleep better and my energy level is higher.

When running on carbs I was getting bloated and on one occasion I felt like I was going to vomit, I now run on an empty stomach and have no problems, I have entered my first marathon which I am training for at the time of creating this blog.

The Reason For lchfrunners.com

I want to try to provide a one stop shop for other runners and anyone else who is looking to lose weight and improve their health.

So if that is you I would suggest book marking this site as I will be adding more content at regular intervals.

Time For A Disclaimer

I am not a doctor or a nutrition expert, in fact I would suggest that before changing your diet you should consult your doctor.

I am testing this on myself and will be posting my progress and letting you know how things are with me and my marathon progress.

Got a question, please use the comments below.

All the best,

Bill Coton


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