Best Exercise Low Carb Diet – Although It Is Not Necessary

Best Exercise Low Carb Diet

Although it is not necessary to exercise on a low carb diet, if you were to ask me face-to-face what is the best exercise low carb diet should do, I would say the one YOU enjoy doing most.

Best Exercise Low Carb Diet

Run With Friends

The reason for this is you will actually go out and do it, I run, I cycle and I go to the gym, I run with club members I run with a friend, I also run on my own.

When running with my friend we get chatting, she has problems with her knees and has been told to do Yoga, Pilates or do core building exercises.

She says that she should do one of these but!

What I am hearing her say or should I say what I am reading into it is these are not things she wants to do. (I should add that her knee problem has nothing to do with her running she has arthritis).

Even though doing one of the above could help her with the knee pains, it is not enough to motivate her.

My motivation for going to the gym is, I don’t like how my body looks and that’s enough to get me out the door. I need to go to the gym and I go on my own.

I go for a bike ride because my marathon-training program advises doing cross training, this can be anything except running and I have chosen to ride a bike.

You might be thinking what’s does all this have to do with the best exercise on a low carb diet.

What I am trying to get across is it should be something that YOU enjoy, or something that you feel strongly about like having a better looking body, or wanting to be around to see your children grow up.

To Get Started I Recommend

If you haven’t taken part in sport of any kind for some time, I would suggest walking, all you need is a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough for you to walk in.

It doesn’t need to be a long walk, and it does not need to be done at speed a slow saunter would be fine. Start with 10 to 20 minutes and build up.

These days you can get a pair of trainers at a decent price, there is no need to spend a lot as long as they feel comfortable.

After a while walking you might want to start running, at this point you will need proper running shoes, and these can be a bit more expensive than a pair of trainers for walking.

It is advisable to get good pair of running shoes, go to a shop that specialises in providing running gear, personally I don’t think you get a good service in shops that cater for multiple sport’s.

Low Impact Exercise Suggestions

The first thing I am going to suggest is cycling, you need to have a bit of a budget the most expensive part is the bike.

I purchased a second hand bike, and took it to a cycle shop and had it serviced, I then replaced the slightly worn tyres with puncture resistant tyres.

There are lots of other items that are not necessary at first, but you can do what I am doing and buy them as you go along, there’s no need to empty your bank account in one go.

As I write this article I still don’t have any cycling clothing, I did a cycle with other members of the running club the other day and out of twelve people I was the only one not wearing any cycling cloths, I still manage to complete the ride.

Best Exercise Low Carb Diet

Running Club Bike Ride – I am far right

Now if you want whole body exercise then you might want to look at swimming, once you have your swimming costume your only cost is the entrance fee, there’s not much more I can say about this one, I find swimming lengths a bit boring.

But not everybody is the same and it might be something you like.

My next suggestion is going to cost a bit more, at one time you could turn up and pay at the door, you will be hard pressed to find a gym where you turn up and pay a small entrance fee.

They want you to pay in advance to use their facilities these days, and some of them even want a joining fee from you, why?

Do they want people joining or not, why bother with a joining fee in the first place as most of them offer it for free as an incentive for joining.

The fees might be something that stops you from joining but you could be missing out, there are many benefits from doing resistance training.

  • Improved strength
  • Fat burning
  • Builds stamina
  • Could prevent chronic illnesses
  • Improve posture
  • Increase bone density
  • Sleeping better
  • More confidence
  • Has been linked to increased longevity

To Sum Up

If you are a social type of person I would recommend running or cycling, if you join a club you will be with like-minded people, your club fees will be once a year not every month like a gym.

Resistance training can be social if you can partner up with someone you could motivate each other, otherwise you will be on your own like I am, but I don’t mind because my reason is strong enough to get me out the door.

Swimming, it’s a bit difficult to hold a conversation when you have your head in water.

Each of the above mentioned types of exercise have their own merits, as you are on a low carb diet I am assuming you are trying to lose weight.

Running, swimming and cycling, are good for fat burning all it takes is 40 minutes of moderate exercise. Resistance training if done properly you can burn fat even after you have ended you session.

Have Your Say

I would like to say at this point I am not a qualified sport’s instructor, this post has been created from my personal experience.

I you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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  1. AvatarHanna

    Thanks Bill for sharing this article. I used to run as well, but since i had some issues about my ankle, i could not do it anywmore (but i love running). I am glad you mentioned swimming, which i never realize that i could replace it for running.

    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      Swimming would be good for you, in Jeff Galloway’s book he recommends water running, he advises water running, it quite simple is using a floatation jacket and doing the running motions with your legs and arms.


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