Marathon Training Stories – 23 Mile Run

Marathon Training Stories

There will only be another one of my marathon training stories after this, my next long training run will be in a couple of weeks and will be a 26 mile run, in this post I am going to tell you how things went on the 23 mile run.

I woke this morning at 2:30 and could not get back to sleep, I was still awake at 4:30 and decided I was going to get up at 5:00 and start getting ready so that I can start at 6:00.

It’s one of those things I dropped off to sleep and the next thing I know it’s 5:40, the six o’clock deadline went out the window, it was 6:39 when I got started by that time I had sorted my hydration pack and drank a glass of water with a hydration tablet in it.

The following are the videos from my run with a brief description of what I am talking about in the videos.

Notes From Start Video

Here on Sunday the 26 of August, the weather is very different from the last long training run that was the 20 mile run, it is 6:35 in the morning today is the 23 mile run. Just like the last long run I will be recording a message every hour, to let you know how I am doing.

Like I said the weather has changed from the last long run, it really started on Friday when I came out dressed for warm weather and it was absolutely freezing, so today I am a bit more prepared I have put on a base layer and I am wearing my windproof jacket. If I need to take it off I have a compartment in my hydration pack where I can put it.

I had problems with the video but managed to get the audio from it.

Notes From The First Hour Video

At the start of the first hour I was a bit concerned my stomach did not feel so good, and I think it might be down to what I had eaten last night, I will be telling you a bit more about that in the video I do when I get back home. I kept going and the problem cleared, and I managed to complete the first hour. The millage at this point was 4.92 miles, I don’t think that’s to shabby for an old geezer, anyway I am feeling good now and I will tell you about what I had last night later.

Notes From The Second Hour Video

During the first hour I was thinking what I was going to talk about, but as soon as the camera is switched on it all disappears till after you have done the recording, I meant to mention in the first hour video that I had to undo my jacket as I was really hot, as I entered the second hour I was thinking of taking it off without stopping to take off the hydration pack.

The miles covered at this point where 9.63, I am at a place called Darfield and heading towards Barnsley this is the stretch of road I was concerned with on my last run, I thought it was not paved and I might need to run on the road, but as I found out on the last run it is paved. At this point I was feeling good and did not have any issues.

Notes From Third Hour Video

I started feeling it in my legs early into the third hour, but I was still confident that I could complete the run and had no thoughts of quitting.

I managed to get my jacket off the hard part was getting it from under my watch strap and GYMBOSS strap, once I got it free it was quite easy to get my arms out of the sleeves I just slid it from between my back and the hydration pack, it was just a matter of folding it into the built in pocket and sliding it into the pouch on the hydration pack. I started to think that it was a mistake taking it off, the top I had on was very thin and is only meant as an under layer, and the cold wind that had got up did not help.

To make maters worse I could feel rain in the wind, if it got worse I would have to stop to get my jacket back on, my mileage at this point was 14.52 miles I am well past the halfway mark now and just about to go up a steep hill in the centre of Barnsley, anyone from Barnsley will know this road it is named Old Mill Lane.

Notes From Fourth Hour Video

Not long after getting to the top of Old Mill Lane it started raining properly, I hoped that it would not get any heavier, but half way up the next hill it got heavier so I headed for a bus shelter and put the jacket pack on, at this point I paused the timer, the good thing is I remembered to restart it as I set off not a mile down the road like I have done in the past, I was still smiling though and determined that it was not going to get me down, at this point I had covered 19.07 miles now only 4 miles to go, at this point I was going to be heading away from home and going up another steep hill.

I have taken pictures of the hills and going to try and get them up on my blog post, and try and match them up to the map of the route I took, the rain looked like it was here for the rest of the day, I wished I could say I was not hurting but I was and trying as hard as I could to take my mind off the pain.

Notes From 23 Mile Completed Video

Here I am back at home the 23 miles done and my legs are killing me, I had been in a cool bath not a cold one, I felt cold enough with the rain and the wind, I am pleased that I managed to do it under 5 hours, as I mentioned in the first video I had not stuck with my diet, I am partial to a curry and on the Saturday night I went out for a curry, and instead of trying to stick as close to the diet as best I could I went the whole hog and had everything I would have had before the diet, was it a mistake! in that first hour I felt it certainly was but after a while my stomach settled down.

The last three mile where the hardest, when I got on the long hill heading towards home my legs felt like they where going to give in, I felt like I was running slower and slower, I started to count my steps while running and walking and I was not really doing fewer steps but I still felt like I was getting slower, anyway back home in the warm the Sunday roast in the oven I decided I was going to treat myself to a couple of pints of beer, my next long run will be 26 miles and I will be doing it in two weeks time, it should have been three weeks but I have something on that weekend so I am bringing it forward a week, once again I will be making recordings on that so look out for that post.

Notes From Map Video

The video starts with an image of the 23 mile route, I only took pictures of the steepest hills but the route I took is undulating, as is the route for the marathon itself. I don’t know how accurate the website I used to measure the length of the hills is, but I have noticed when planning routes they have come up a little bit short.

Click Here To Visit The Site I Use To Create My Running Routes and To Messure The Hills

These are the hills in the order I cam across them:-

  • Pilley Hill, as you can see from the video it is only a short distance from where I started, the length is 0.4 nearly half a mile in length.
  • Skyers View, Road this one is only a short one but quite steep, the length is 0.1.
  • Tingle Bridge Lane when looking from the bottom it looks like it goes on for ever the length is 0.2, then when you get round the corner at the top you are face with Beach House Road, this is only a short one but steep none the less.
  • Lundhill Road, on this one you can’t see the top when you are going up it you that it levels off round the corner but it goes on a bit longer, length is 0.3.
  • Snape Hill Road, this is another one where you are hoping that it levels of round the corner you can see in the distance, but not it goes on a bit longer length 0.3.
  • Old Mill Lane, this one I would say is steeper than the two above when you get past the half way mark it gets steeper, the length is 0.3.
  • Rowland Road, this is a straight hill and when you are at the bottom it seems like a long one the length is 0.2
  • Mount Vernon Road, this one is near some of the running routes that are used by the running club I belong to, until now we have avoided it due to it being very steep, but I wanted to make my routes hard so there are no surprises on race day, the length of this hill is 0.3
  • Sheffield Road, the last and the longest the incline on this one changes as you go up it, at one point it seems to level off, but this is short lived because it gets steeper in the last 100 yards, length of this hill 1.1.

The graph is taken from Strava it shows the hills on the route I chose for the 23 mile run, I don’t know how accurate it is but as you can see the route certainly is undulating.

Final Words

I have been lucky weather wise today is the wettest I have been since starting the Marathon training, I should consider myself lucky I can count on one hand the number of times it has rained, that’s is not bad for six months.

If the theory behind the training system I am using is correct, then when I do the 26 mile run my legs should not feel too bad when I get to the 23 mile mark, we shall see but I still don’t think my legs where as bad as they where when I did the 15 mile run.

I hope you enjoyed read this post and watching the videos, if you have any questions or would just like to tell me how you are doing, please feel free to use the comments box below.

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