Marathon Training Stories – The 15-Mile Run

Marathon Training Stories

Sunday morning and it is the day of the 15-mile run, I have been getting on very well with the training program from Jeff Galloway’s book, and thought I would give you an update with another of my marathon training stories.

The past week has been very eventful.

Because last Sunday was a short run day, I decided to join some people from the running club who had organised a bike ride on the Saturday.

Marathon Training Stories

The New Running Shoes

I can imagine what’s going through your head, running club, bike ride. As you may know it is advised to have cross training days, and it would seem that a few have selected cycling.

I did not know how well I would do on this bike ride, because I have not had a bike long, and as I expected I was the back marker, but all said and done I really enjoyed it, and some of the scenery was fantastic.

This Weeks Activity

Monday is gym day this is a 30-minute resistance training session.

Tuesday a cross training day or a rest day, it depends how energetic I feel.

Wednesday I went to the club for my mid week run, a 70-minute steady run was scheduled for that day, and as the club runs are an hour in duration I would not be over training.

When I got to the club I found out that there were a couple of local races, this meant that not many people had turned up. I should have just gone home or ran on my own.

The people who had turned up all ran in faster groups than I do, but they said it was only going to be a steady run so I tagged along.

By the time we did the first mile it was obvious that I was not going to be able to keep up with them, it meant them having wait for me to catch up.

If you ask any of them, they would probably say they don’t mind waiting, but you still feel bad about spoiling their run.

Thursday is another cross training day, this is gym day and as it is only a couple of miles from my house I went on my bike.

Friday is another 70-minute steady run, this time it was a steady run but I felt it in my legs right from the start, I think this was down to the club run earlier this week.

All I could think was I hope things are better on Sunday.

Saturday before a long run is always a rest day, on short run weekends I have a walk scheduled.

I use the GYMBOSS in the video

Fifteen-Mile Sunday

Well I need not have worried or I should say not for the first 10 miles anyway, I could not believe it I was going so well and feeling good.

I had got the steepest hill out of the way at the beginning of the run, in fact it was inside the first mile.

At the 10-mile mark I was running on the trail and it is fairly flat, I had another 2 mile to go before I started an uphill climb.

At this point I was wondering if I was going to be able to get up the hills that were ahead of me, there was 2 of them not steep by the standards of the first hill, but they are both long I would say they are close to a mile and a half combined.

Anyway I managed to get up the hills better than I expected, somewhat slower than I had ran on the trail, as can only be expected.

The hills out of the way I thought the rest of the run was going to be alright, with 2-miles to go my legs started getting very sore, and I was finding it hard to run.

As mentioned earlier I use the run/walk method, and to keep myself going on the running section I kept telling myself that I only had to run for 40 seconds.

The Long Walk Home

To say that I was glad when I reached the 15-mile mark is an understatement, at that point I was half a mile from home, and it was the longest sorest walk I have had to do since starting running.

My legs felt as if they were going to seize up at any minute, you can bet that I was glad when I reached my house, I had read somewhere that it is best to get into a cold bath.

So I asked my wife to run it for me while I had some breakfast, my thinking was it might have warmed a little by the time I got in, not so, it was absolutely freezing but I must say I felt better when I got out.

What Went Wrong

I have done a lot of thinking about why I felt so bad, like I say I have not felt that bad since starting running.

I have come up with three reasons why this could be, the first is the fast run at the club on Wednesday, the second is the run/walk times might be too short (I have been running 1 minute walking 30 seconds and changed it to 40 seconds 20 seconds).

Marathon Training Stories

The Hydration Pack

The third is, I had not ran with my hydration back pack on before today, I got it so that I can carry more water on the long runs.

My thinking is if it is the hydration pack I need to carry it on all runs, because I will not be using it on race day and it could help strength my legs, as for the timer I am going to change that to 30/30 and see how I go.

As for the club runs I have decided to give them a miss until I have ran the marathon.


To Sum Up

You will have good runs and you will have bad runs, just make sure you don’t over train or they will all be bad runs.

Have Your Say

Do you have any stories, do you have any questions. Please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. AvatarKhalfish

    Hi Bill,

    Based on my running experience, yes you have good and bad days. I also agree that you have to train with care to avoid injuries. However, you might need to push the limits at times to see what you can do or to test yourself. But this depends on your age or your goals.

    If you want to run faster than you do now, then pushing the limits now and then would be the way to go. If you are happy with your times and you like it easy, then you won’t need to take any risks.

    By the way, I have run a couple of marathons myself so whenever you post something and you need some input, let me know.

    Good luck with your marathon preparation!

    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      Hi Khalfan

      With me it’s not about speed it’s more challenging myself to see what I can achieve.

      Thanks for the offer of help, it’s much appreciated.

  2. AvatarKay Dee

    You’re right Bill, it’s not about the speed as ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Challenging your inner voice and pushing yourself to new heights is a great way to improve your life while improving your fitness.

    I wonder if you have any tips for someone who is an absolute beginner? I guess starting with the right gear would be a good start…

    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      A decent pair of running shoes is a good idea, and you need not spend a fortune to get some.

      As for the running it depending on your fitness level as to how quickly you should proceed. I started running on a treadmill in a gym, I thought I was doing quite well.

      Then I decided to take part in a park run, I found out very quickly that running out side is a whole new ball game. Thats when I switched from running on a treadmill to running outside, I started off at 1 mile and built from there, as for the park run my goal was not to be last over the line, that was the ego taking over.

      If you are starting out and have been sedentary for a while, I would start with 20 minutes 3 time a week, walking at first and then introducing short runs, say walk 5 minutes run slowly for 30 seconds and walk again till you get your breath back and try another 20 seconds.

      Keep doing this but as you get fitter reduce the length of the walks, and increase your running times till you can run the full 20 minutes and then build up from there.

      One last thing make sure you have a break between running days, you will only injure yourself running three days on the trot.


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