The Benefits of a High Fat Diet – Apart From Weight Loss

The Benefits Of A High Fat Diet

Apart from weight loss the benefits of a high fat diet are many, and after reading this article I hope you will have a better idea of what they are.

A Better Looking Body

Very soon after you change over to this way of eating you will start to notice the difference in your body.

But the real benefits come when your body no longer relies on carbohydrates for energy, at this point you will start burning a lot of body fat, whether you are sitting watching TV or out exercising.

Better Defined Muscle

I think this one will interest the blokes more than women, but hey even women like to be a bit of eye candy.

After short period of doing this diet correctly you will notice the body fat starts melting away, and your muscles become more pronounced.

Improved Mood

This diet reduces blood sugar, this means reduced fatigue, improved mood and mental health.

Because of the reduced sugar intake you don’t get the mood swings that are associated with sugar.

Improved Health

It has been shown that a high fat diet can lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, gallstones and diabetes. It has also been shown to be affective in cancer treatment.

Can reduce the blood glucose levels, which in turn reduces the effects of Type 2 diabetes.

Just the weight loss alone can make you feel a lot better, and give you more confidence.

Improved memory

It has been found to help with reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

I have looked around for information about this and came across this article.

The Benefits of a High Fat Diet

Improved Memory

No Food Cravings

Because your body takes longer to break down the fats you don’t get as hungry as you do when you are eating a lot of carbs.

How many times have you had a meal and after a couple of hours you are ready to eat again.

On the high fat diet you are encouraged to eat as much of the good fats as you want, and you should not leave the table until full.

Having said that you should be aware that meat or fish should only be a small part of your meal. I would say that if you divided your plat into quarters your meat would be in one and the others filled with vegetables.

To Sum Up

The benefits of a low carb diet are better health, better moods, more confidence, being fitter, and a lot happier in general.

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  1. AvatarJeremy

    I definitely think moving towards a diet that is focused on fat and protein and limiting carbohydrates is important. Like you said, it helps decrease cravings which will help us avoid those high carbohydrate snacks and beverages. Thanks for the reminder to include more fat in the our diets!

    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      Hi Jeremy thanks for your comment, I have been looking at intermittent fasting as an add on to this way of eating, but doing some research on it I am finding that there does not seem to one way of doing it some say fast for 12 hours others are saying 20 hours.

      Have you looked into this at all?


  2. AvatarAlison

    Interesting article as I am using Isagenix right now which is intermittent fasting a mainly protein shakes on other days along with a high protein meal 1x per day. I am seeing results but a lot has to do with the lesser carb intake.
    I wish I knew about this years ago
    Great blog thanks for the info

    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      Hello Alison thanks for your comment, I have just replied to another comment on this post about intermittent fasting, there does not seem to be a single method some are saying you go longer than others.

      I am not specialist when it comes to diets but if I were you I wood look into the amount of protein the body needs on a daily basses, for some of what I have read the advise is to only have a moderate intake of protein, that is certainly the case when it comes to the high fat diet.


  3. AvatarSierra

    Thank you for sharing the Ketogenic diet article and the benefits of a high fat diet. I had no idea about this. I would need to look into some Keto recipes now.

    Thanks again,


    1. AvatarBill (Post author)

      Hello Sierra thank you for your comment, a search on the internet will reveal hundreds of sites full of recipes, one of my favourites is (thebantingchef), and if you go on Pinterest and search there you will find plenty.



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